ON SALE – Meet the instant backyard office: the AROYO

AROYO = A Room of Your Own

In need of an instant backyard office, art studio or extra guest room? Meet the AROYO! AROYO, or A Room Of Your Own, is a fully-finished 120 sq. ft. room on wheels that requires NO PERMITTING! In most counties it qualifies as a shed, meaning that you can simply roll it into your backyard. AROYOs come finished or unfinished, the latter of which we call the DIY AROYO to which people add their own insulation, wiring and finishing touches. We currently have a fully finished AROYO with beautiful cedar siding for sale for $14,000 on our lot in Petaluma (regularly $20,000). Come check it out!

More pictures: littlehouseonthetrailer.com/summer-clearance-sale/

See one in action as a home office: http://littlehouseonthetrailer.com/gallery-home-office-2/

See one in action as an art studio (third set of pictures, Fran Brigmann’s mosaics studio): http://littlehouseonthetrailer.com/gallery-art-studios/