Heirloom Hand Built: A Room of Your Own


Often used as private spaces for individuals in the family, “A Room of Your Own” can be customized to whatever use you have in mind. Often built as home offices, though other ideas include use as a guest room, yoga studio, playroom, crafts room, and much, much more. We also offer DIY Shells which have all of the basic structure but await your own insulation, sheetrock and finishing touches.

Are you interested in this unit? Have general questions? We offer a FREE 1-hour consultation session with owner and designer Stephen Marshall. Call 415.233.0423 or email littlehouseonthetrailer@gmail.com to arrange an appointment today! There’s no expectation of commitment – just bring your ideas and discuss the possibilities with an expert in building and design.

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A Room of Your Own Cedar Cottage Exterior
Cedar Cottage Interior
Cedar Cottage Interior
Room of Your Own
DIY Shell
DIY Shell interior
DIY Shell interior