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This page contains a selection of articles from a few years ago, when we solely built Heirloom Hand Built homes. Please note that some information may be outdated; we have since moved to a factory-based business model, where we create our own custom designs, send them to a factory, and then add floors, finishes, etc. Our partnership with the factory means increased affordability, extremely fast turnaround times, and high quality construction. Check back for more articles!

Fine Home Building Article


– North Bay Company Part of Tiny House Trend

by Ann Notarangelo, CBS San Francisco, September 2012

“Petaluma-based Little House on the Trailer specializes in manufacturing small homes as little as 400 square feet. The North Bay firm is betting the tiny residences will sell big.”

– Tiny House Movement Thrives Amid Real Estate Bust

by Terence Chea, the Associated Press, November 2010

“GRATON, Calif.—As Americans downsize in the aftermath of a colossal real estate bust, at least one tiny corner of the housing market appears to be thriving. To save money or simplify their lives, a small but growing number of Americans are buying or building homes that could fit inside many people’s living rooms, according to entrepreneurs in the small house industry.”

– Stephen Marshall’s Tiny Houses

by Tiny House Talk, July 2010

“I ran into a new video of a tiny house builder that I had not seen or heard of before. His name is Stephen Marshall and the name of his company is Little House on the Trailer. In this video he talks about how he got started with tiny houses back when he was 21. Stephen designs and builds these little structures on wheels for all kinds of people.”

– Mini-spaces fill many needs: Backyard getaway, office, playhouse

by Meg McConahey, The Press Democrat, November 2009

“Legally-speaking, you can’t live in them, although he can make a larger “Little House On the Trailer” that could be professionally transported and set up in an RV park for seasonal living. Marshall uses one of these beautifully finished homes on a trailer — complete with teeny gas fireplace, hardwood floors, crown molding, all-in-one kitchen and compact bath — as an office. His fleet of cute miniature houses has been attracting the attention of passersby on Petaluma Boulevard North.”

– Martha Stewart on wheels

by Mike Litchfield, West Marin Citizen, April 2008

“It would look perfectly at home on a prairie, next to an apple tree in a Thornton Wilder play, or tucked among the wind- wracked cypresses out on Pierce Point. In fact, you could easily move Steve Marshall’s 19th-century inspired farmhouse to any choice piece of land – including your own back yard – because the house is mounted on a trailer.”

– The 89-square-foot dream home?

by Sheila Pell, Marin Independent Journal, May 2010

“They aren’t meant to be lived in, but Stephen Marshall’s tiny houses make people think about it. Marshall, a woodworker whose craft has evolved from more than 30 years of cabinetmaking in West Marin to designing airy, light-drenched structures in Petaluma, has found a niche: the stand-alone home addition.”

– Does Size Matter?

by Bita Ryan, AARP, July 2011

“Small home building companies are popping up everywhere. Little House on the Trailer, for example, designs homes for people looking for an easier, more affordable and more sustainable way of life. Catering to clients over 50, the business builds houses with specific needs in mind like wider door widths, ramps, larger bathrooms and easier access in kitchens. My Generation pays a visit to some of the creators and benefactors of the small house movement to discover if bigger really is better.”