Monthly “Little House” Zoning/Permitting Workshops

Monthly Zoning and Permitting Workshops are available for legalizing, Park Models, Trailers, Little Homes and Care Cottages. These units must be on wheels and must be 400 sq feet or less.

Currently, there are three types of zoning available:

1) Care Cottages: These units can be used as a cottage for Caregivers, Elders, the Disabled – or a person who simply needs some care.


2) Additional zoning is available in most counties which allows an owner to live in a Little House/Certified RV for up to three years on a property where the owner has pulled permits to build or renovate a main house on the same property.

3) This is brand new zoning – but the city of Rohnert Park has recently permitted a Small House within city limits. Information on this new zoning will be included workshops starting in Oct of 2016.

The 5 hour workshops are held monthly, in Petaluma, CA and are taught by Sonya Tafejian.

The cost for the workshop is $150 with a $25 deposit to hold your space. ($275 for a couple with a $50 deposit).

Please call me at 707-779-9474 for a free consultation or email me for registration details.

Workshop participants will receive a 24 page booklet (hard copy and digital) which includes:

– Zoning for Living in a Park Model or Little House
– Site Drawings and County Permits Process
– Installing Water, Electric and Septic
– Zoning for Other Counties (there are 17 in N. CA)
– RV Certification
– Fire, Health and Safety Codes
– Buying and Hauling Your Trailer/Little House
– Resources for Plans and Builders
– Some Suggested Building Materials
– Venting/Insulating the Ceiling
– Small Fixtures and Appliances
– On Grid/Off Grid
– How Much Does a small House Generally Cost?
– Economy of Scale (park model vs little house)
– Finding a Home for Your Little House
– Insurance for Your Park Model/ Little House
– New Rohnert Park Little House Zoning
– CA DMV Registration

Please feel free to call me for a 10-15 min free consultation!  707-779-9474



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