Hi Folks,

Great news! We now offer recycled barn siding as a finish, as well as a new unit: the Barn Siding Studio! Stephen Marshall, our owner and designer, just recently finished hand-building the Barn Siding Studio in time for our (very successful!) Loft Model Grand Opening. Intended for use as an art gallery or art studio, it currently showcases photographs of our past work and upgrade and pricing options for our factory-built models. The outside is finished in our new recycled barn siding, which we hand-sort for the best pieces. It’s sourced locally from old redwood fence planks in the Sacramento area. Take a look: https://littlehouseonthetrailer.com/gallery/barn-siding-studio/!

The Barn Siding Studio is priced at $29,000 and can be customized.

The recycled barn siding finish is available on all models.