Here at Little House on the Trailer we build four types of units:

1. Heirloom Hand Built

These hand-built homes are designed and customized from start to finish in Petaluma. A smart way to attain extra space without renovating, these backyard units are either on wheels for easy transportation or installed on a permanent foundation. Four types: Guest Houses, Home Care Cottages, Art Studios and A Room of Your Own.

-Guest Houses: Beautiful cottages with a bed, bath, kitchen and living area.

-Home Care Cottages: Specially-designed backyard cottages for either a caretaker assisting a disabled person in the primary residence, or a disabled person living in the backyard of a primary caretaker.

-Art Studios: Mobile studios for creating or hanging art. Completely customizable.

-A Room of Your Own: A home office, guest room, yoga studio, crafts room, and much, much more. We also sell DIY Shells, or unfinished units, to which clients add their own insulation, sheetrock and finishing touches.

2. Homes

We partner with a home production facility to offer a beautiful home at an affordable price. Fusions of cottages and mobile homes, our houses start with sitting down and designing the client’s dream home. Then we send our personalized designs to a factory, which builds the basic house. We then install all customizations, from bathrooms to cabinetry, and work with a licensed contractor to ensure a seamless installation. Our thirty years of experience in hand-built cottages, together with our partnership with the factory, allows us to offer beautiful, quality homes at half the price of a site-built home.

We offer a large range of sizes and options, and will work with you to design your dream home. Call to arrange a consulting session today!

 3. Home Care Cottages

We offer two types of Home Care Cottages, also known as Caretaker Cottages. The first is the Heirloom Hand Built Home Care Cottage, which is completely customizable and suitable for clients with extremely specific or unusual specifications. The second is the Home Care Cottage, which is built through our production facility and thus more affordable though still customizable.

Designed for seniors or disabled people seeking a level of independence, Caretaker Cottages allow a caretaker to reside in the backyard of a person requiring help, or vice-versa: a disabled person living in the backyard of a caretaker. The perfect solution to assisted living. And, just like our homes, we offer complete customization to ensure you receive the quality and affordability you desire.

4. Second Units

Little House on the Trailer builds Second Units, which, similar to our Homes, are built through the factory at an affordable price and can be customized and installed on wheels or a foundation. Uses for Second Units include: rental income units, granny units, guest houses, vacation homes, country cabins and vacation rentals.


Questions? Call Stephen Marshall at 415.233.0423, or email littlehouseonthetrailer@gmail.com. Little House also offers a free one-hour design session. Call today to schedule an appointment and discuss the possibilities!