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Little House on the Trailer Company Vision

Little House on the Trailer provide the mobile home community with design and construction quality previously only available in hand built homes. Little House on the Trailer builds both HUD approved and inspected single wide homes and RVIA certified Recreational Trailers. Today’s mobile home buyers are demanding and receiving energy efficient, beautifully designed and substantially constructed houses. Little House on the Trailer’s goal is to provide a home that is equal to a site built home at one half the price.

Little House on the Trailer is located in Petaluma, CA. Little House on the Trailer serves the North Bay Area including all of Sonoma County, Napa County, Marin County and Solano County. Shipment to other areas can be arranged.

Little House on the Trailer is NOT a “Tiny House” Company

Little House on the Trailer’s Houses cannot be pulled by a heavy duty pickup truck. They may only be moved by a mobile home transport company. They are not “nomadic” although they can be relocated. Contrary to much misleading information on TV and in the media the occupancy of a Recreational Trailer is only legal under very limited use permits such as discussed under our ZONING tab in the HOME PAGE menu bar. The fact that a house is on wheels does not exempt it from any zoning rules.

Stephen Marshall, Owner and Designer

Owner/designer Stephen Marshall began his building career in 1973, designing and constructing custom homes in West Marin. For the last eight years he has focused on mobile homes, hand-building many Little Houses for a variety of uses. Bringing more than 40 years of design and construction expertise to the practice of affordable home design, he has now partnered with several factory production facilities to produce Little Houses at prices competitive with mainstream mobile home producers. California Dept of Housing and Community  Development License DL #1239399

1973-1977 – Residential Design and Development: Design and Construction of Single family homes in Inverness, California

1977-2003 – Professional Cabinetmaker: Residential and Commercial Projects, Trade Show displays

1998 – Furnishing of “Daniel’s Room” for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Traveling Exhibit “Remembering the Children”

1999 – First Certified Sustainable Cabinet Shop in the Forest Stewardship Council’s Smartwood Program

2003-2006 – Architectural Restoration: Restoration and Remodeling of the 1914 Foresters’ Hall in Point Reyes Station, California

2007-2008 – General Contractor

2008-present – Owner and Designer, Little House on the Trailer in Petaluma, CA


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