Zoning For A Recreational Trailer/Park Model

Sport House 400 yard shotOur 400 square foot Little Houses are legally recreational trailers. The model shown here is our Sporthouse and it may be used the same way recreational trailers (RVs) may be used.

In Sonoma County, and 17 other California Counties, certified RVs may be permitted as Home Caregiver Cottages or Cottages for Elderly or Disabled Persons.

This Special Use Permit (which is around $700) avoids building and impact fees and does not require upgrades to septic systems or infrastructure. It is a huge savings opportunity as you will see in comparison to the other house that we build.

For those people interested in living modestly in a Little House, this option can save you $50,000 to $100,000 in permit and other fees.

We host a Monthly Zoning and Permitting Workshop which describes this process in detail.

Please see the MONTHLY ZONING WORKSHOPS Tab on this site for more information on this usage for our SportHouse as well as our Home Care Cottages


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