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“This album is a mix of photos of three art studios. The first is the studio of Shirley Salzman, who paints the landscapes of Point Reyes. Salzman, who owns a beautiful piece of land in Point Reyes Station, wanted to get out of a warehouse environment, so we built a studio for her on her property near a patch of cypress trees. The second set of photos is of an old landmark building that was owned by a famous artist and used as a large art studio. I restored it when he passed away, and turned it into mixed use apartments for living and making art. The third set of photos is of Fran Brigmann’s mosaic studio. She was the former Marin County Parks administrator, and she had been making mosaic art in her kitchen for several years. When she retired she wanted to pursue ceramics at a professional level, so we built her a backyard studio that opened into her garden.” – Stephen Marshall

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