Summer Clearance Sale

Little House on the Trailer currently has three units on sale at a reduced price. 

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1. A ROOM OF YOUR OWN – $14,000 SOLD!

We have a 120 square foot “Room of your Own” for $14,000, regularly $20,000. The possibilities are endless – it can be turned into an art studio, the perfect backyard home office, a guest room, a yoga room, a play room and much more. Beautiful cedar siding. On wheels for easy relocation, though can be installed on a permanent foundation. Simply roll it into your backyard, and instantly have the Room of Your Own that you’ve always wanted, at half the cost of a site-built unit and without all of the renovation permits.

AROYO - 03 copy AROYO - 05 copy plans slideshow- ROYO 1 plans slideshow- ROYO 2 plans slideshow- ROYO 3 AROYO - 15 564107_473437226016927_826926170_n AROYO - 13 copy AROYO side view AROYO desk view AROYO desk + window AROYO - 37 copy AROYO window AROYO stairs AROYO from afar AROYO mini aroyo AROYO - 18 copy AROYO - 32 copy AROYO - 31 copy AROYO - 45 copy AROYO - 43 copy AROYO - 55 copy AROYO exterior side view AROYO - 46 copy AROYO - 04 copy room of 2-clearance shell 1-clearance shell 2-clearance shell 3- clearance
A Room of Your Own Cedar Cottage Exterior
Cedar Cottage Interior
Cedar Cottage Interior
Room of Your Own
DIY Shell
DIY Shell interior
DIY Shell interior


We are selling a 400 sq ft Cottage which is handicapped accessible for $39,000. Regularly $65,000, this Little House has a private bedroom, full kitchen, accessible bath, living/dining area and large storage loft.

caretaker 1-clearance caretaker 2-cleareance caretaker 5- clearance caretaker 4- clearance caretaker 3-clearance

3. DIY SHELL- $9,000  SOLD!

For do-it-yourselfers we have an unfinished shell that includes wiring. It just needs insulation, sheetrock, and your own finishing touches. On sale for $9,000, regularly $12,000.

shell 1-clearance shell 2-clearance shell 3- clearance