Little House on the Trailer builds Home Care Cottages that may be used as accessory dwelling units to house people providing Home Care services or receiving Home Care. This is a valuable opportunity for those wishing to care for loved ones at home while maintaining independence and privacy for all.


 They are legally recreational trailers and therefore not permanent buildings and are regulated differently. Their use is  permitted in unincorporated areas of Sonoma County and seventeen pother California Counties.

The size of a recreational Trailer is limited to 400 square feet. Storage loft space that is four feet in height can be added up to 200 square feet, as well a covered porch of 100 square feet.


We have shown here one example of a Home Care Cottage. We build each Home Care Cottage one at a  time  to the clients specifications. The variations are many, according to your needs and site conditions. You can see some of the many possibilities by visting our website at